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Current Chevrolet Express Cargo Van Lease, APR & Cash Offers

Get started on a Chevrolet chapter of your life with our current Chevy offers in Strongsville, OH! We want our full inventory of new Chevrolet vehicles to be within your reach, so weíve provided Chevy lease offers, new car specials, and APR discounts for you to enjoy. It doesnít take much to get started---just stop by and ask for a test drive!

Should I Pay for a New Chevy SS Lease in Strongsville, OH?

Customers interested in current Chevy offers in Northeast Ohio often ask us about lease deals---are they worth it? Would it be smarter to buy? What are the perks? Our simple answer: you canít go wrong with a Chevy SS lease. Itís a beautiful car with so much to offer! Here are some cash-conscious reasons to look into leasing.

  • Chevy Lease Offers in Cleveland - No More Maintenance!
    Whatís the number one argument for not owning a car? Maintenance. Cars are an endless expense and source of headache, right? When you purchase a Chevy lease agreement at Serpentini Chevy, the headache goes away. You only own the car during the most reliable time of its life, and it stays under warranty the whole time. Your new Chevy SS lease in Cleveland will cause you anything but a headache---youíll probably even turn it in for a new lease in 2-3 years.

  • Our Current Chevy Lease Offers Will Lower Your Tax Burden
    Here is another common hindrance to buying a new car: the sales tax. Why should you spend money so that you can spend more money? With a Chevrolet lease offer, you only have to spend tax dollars on the years of the car that you ďuse up.Ē Since you arenít receiving the whole value of the car in the lease agreement (you only get the car for a set period of time), you donít pay taxes on the whole value of the car. We like to think of it as a pay-as-you-go tax plan.

  • Tired of Choosing Between Brand New Chevy Models?
    You donít have to choose between favorites any more---you can drive drive them all! No more worn tires, no more broken air conditioning, and no more car boredom. Every two years, you get to pick out and drive a brand new Chevrolet in Northeast OH. Whether youíre in the mood for the sporty Camaro or a rugged Tahoe or Suburban, the choice is yours.

Whatís APR?
Since some of our current Chevrolet offers in Strongsville, OH include current Chevy APR incentives, here is a quick breakdown of Adjusted Percentage Rate calculations:

First, find and add up any fees associated with the purchase of your car. Then add that total to your annual interest rate. Second, confirm how many years are on your lease term and divide that number into the previous total (fees + annual interest rate/years on term). The total is your APR.

If you have any questions about current lease offers, APR incentives, or cash offers, donít hesitate to give us a call. You can also reach out to us online or stop by Serpentini Chevrolet.