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Chevy Trade In Value: Cleveland, OH

The end of a carís life is usually a stressful time, and figuring out your Chevy trade in value in Cleveland, OH can only make it more so. Since we know how complicated moving to a new car can be, weíve taken steps to make the transition as simple as possible. In short, we want the transition to be a happy one---you simply leave your used Chevy with us, and you drive away in a new one. Happy ever after, right?

First of all, weíve included a simple, easy to use online form on our website. This form allows you to enter your carís basic information: the make, model, year, damage, serial numbers, etc. Once your information is entered (donít worry, the form is very clear about what it needs), our algorithm with instantly calculate your carís trade in value. The number is reliable and secure, and the form is powered by Kelley Blue Book.

No more haggling with potential buyers in your front driveway, and no more wondering what your car is worth as you drive to the lot. Enter the buying process empowered! Here are a few more tips to make sure you get the maximum Chevrolet trade in value in Northeast Ohio.
  1. It Doesnít Have To Be Perfect, But It Has To Look Nice
    This is the easiest step to take care of, but you would be surprised at the amount of people who bring a dirty (or gross) used car to the lot. Believe it or not, as any realtor would tell you, curb appeal matters! Donít leave stains on the seats, and make sure you wash the exterior. It can make a significant difference in the amount you are offered.

  2. Get The Maximum Chevy Trade In Value By Taking Care of Repairs
    If you decide that it simply isnít worth your time to get a serious issue (like faulty brakes, for instance) fixed before trade in, than that is fine. Just be prepared for a very low return. On the other hand, a repair and aesthetic touch-up that costs you $700 might bring back over $1,000 in additional offerings when it comes time to trade. Just ask yourself if the dealership would be able to resell your car for profit.

Save Taxes With a Chevy Trade-In in Strongsville, OH

You have a lot to gain by trading your Chevy in at Serpentini Chevrolet, but you might not have realized that it could save you tax money when you trade your used car. If you apply the trade-in cash directly to your new Chevy, that amount of money is not taxable against the cost of your new car.

Do you have any other questions about your Chevrolet trade in value? Or technicians or friendly sales staff would love to talk to you. Remember that our online form is fast and easy to use, and itís powered by the respected Kelley Blue Book algorithm.