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Leasing vs Buying

Learn About Leasing vs Buying a Car with Serpentini Chevrolet

Buy vs Lease
We know that youíve heard a lot of advice on the subject---buy or lease? Itís a good question to ask. People who buy a new Chevy Malibu, for instance, will enjoy that car for years. And when they are done with it, they still get to sell it (fortunately for Malibu owners, the car has good resale value).

Lease participants have a wholly different set of things to look forward to: less maintenance, less upkeep, and a new car every couple of years. With so many fantastic Chevrolet models to choose from, leasing a different one every couple of years seems like a great idea! Weíve decided that both buying and leasing are great ideas (when it comes to Chevy cars, anyways), and weíve listed some benefits of each. If you have any questions about buying or leasing a new Chevy in Northeast Ohio, give us a call!

Buy A New Chevy SUV In the Cleveland Area

Chevrolet SUVs have a strong track record---one of the best, in fact. Why else would the award-winning Tahoe and Suburban remain top sellers each year? If you need a powerful family vehicle that can carry the kids, their friends, and all of their gear, then a Chevy SUV is the way to go. If you need a reliable performance vehicle that can handle winter weather and enjoy some off-roading too, the Tahoe is still the way to go. And the added bonus? The rugged Tahoe and Suburban have been turning heads with best-in-class looks for decades. Take one for a test drive!

Have you visited our new car specials page yet? If not, youíre missing out! We provide extra incentives like low APR to qualified buyers and cash back deals.

What About a Chevy SS Lease in Cleveland, OH?

The high performance Chevy SS wasnít reimagined as a horsepower-pumping 4 door sedan until 2014, so we can understand if you want a lease period to get acquainted with the car. You wonít be disappointed. One of the best reasons to lease a Chevy SS in Northeast OH is that you get a new one in a couple of years! Besides that, here are a couple of other reasons to lease a Chevy:

  • Are you tired of paying sales tax on a $35,000 car? Yep, it hurts. When you lease though, you donít pay taxes on the whole value of the car---only the 2-3 years of value that you use.

  • New Chevy cars donít need maintenance (other than the obvious oil change), so when you lease a Chevrolet, you wonít have the usual struggles of car ownership. Additionally, the carís warranty will probably still be intact, leaving you with even less hassle.

There are so many fun Chevy models to drive---we recommend test driving all of them before you make up your mind! If you need help choosing between a buy or lease deal, give us a call. Our friendly associates will help you make the right decision for your situation.